The Go! Team - Proof of Youth


Sub Pop

Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil' who needs 'em? With the sweet, soulful sounds of The Go! Team, the black of the day can be chased away by just pressing play.


Following up "Thunder, Lightning, Strike," its acclaimed 2004 debut, this unique six-piece band from England unleashes another sugar-laced dose of party rock, seemingly delivered by a hip-hop-infused cheerleading team dating a bunch of indie-rockers while they all jump rope. The result is a feel-great carnival of bouncy tunes.


Although the band adheres to its same formula, "Proof" doesn't sound like a carbon copy.


"Grip Like a Vice" opens the album with a detectable Asian flavoring, while "The Wrath of Marcie" carries a slight country tinge. As expected, the highlights all hit when female vocalist Ninja lets loose against playground beats.


But the music isn't all about grinding gears. Midtempo instrumentals like "My World" and "Patricia's Moving Picture" offer a breather. If you haven't already, join the Team.


"?Rod Lott