Chicken-Fried News: It’s bean fun

Oklahoma’s kooky for green bean casserole.

A recent study called the Del Monte Green Been Index shows we’re No. 11 (68 percent of us claim to love the stuff), just behind Kentucky (78 percent), Wisconsin (77 percent), Missouri (76 percent), Iowa (75 percent), Maine (74 percent), New Hampshire (73 percent), Florida (72 percent — we’d assume the home of sunny retirees would score way, way higher. We’re shocked. Shocked!), Colorado (71 percent), California (69 percent) and Mississippi (68 percent). Whew.

Del Monte interviewed 1,500 people to get the results.

Green beans apparently unify the North and the South like nothing else in history. Just think, if Abraham Lincoln had this dish before the Civil War, maybe it wouldn’t have happened.

Spoiler alert! The survey also discovered the top “secret” ingredient in these things is bacon. (37 percent of people nationally use it.)

Hey, we’re sorry. That secret’s now out. Quick! Everyone switch to cheese (19 percent) or mushrooms (15 percent).

Or freak out everyone at your table this holiday and throw in all four secret ingredients. Or maybe almonds (8 percent). It might keep war from breaking out over your own dinner table this season.