Quintet of metro art hopefuls showcased in 'Emergent' exhibit

For most, the time after college graduation is a struggle to find a job or a direction. Paul Kriley, however, used the summer after graduating to paint a whole new body of work that mixes dreamy symbolism with personal philosophy.

"They are large pieces based off of dealing with myself and society through automatic drawing," Kriley said. "Automatic drawing is when I start to draw, but I don't know what I'm going to draw. It begins with a line, and I work with it until it turns into images like birds, bowls and plates."

He is one of five artists featured in the annual "Emergent Artists Exhibition" at Mainsite Contemporary Art in Norman. The others are:
" Jill Hogan,
" Trent Sill,
" Amanda Weathers-Bradway, and
" Paul Mays.

Weathers-Bradway, a self-taught artist from Oklahoma City, brings a surrealist perspective to her work. The Emergent Artists Exhibition is her second large show, and she has plans to help other beginning artists get exposure.

She said the lack of art space in the metro "? beyond a few galleries, restaurants and businesses "? makes the transition to a professional artist more difficult.

"I believe there is no way to be successful in any career without supporting, appreciating and networking with your local community," Weathers-Bradway said. "Oklahoma has amazing artists and I would love to focus on others' talents alongside my own progress."

"?Allison Meier