Sooner fans may be torn between Horns, Schnelly

Former dreaded University of Oklahoma football coach Howard Schnellenberger lives in Florida these days. Unfortunately, some habits didn't retire.

The gridiron version of Captain Kangaroo is coaching the University of Florida Atlantic's football team these days. And while Schnelly has amassed a record of 41 wins with 42 losses and reportedly stopped drinking, that hasn't stopped the wandering sideline walrus from keeping ridiculous statements from coming out of his mouth.

The reported comments Schnellenberger made to the FAU campus newspaper about their season-opening game against the University of Texas. At one point, he claimed the Longhorns weren't a tough football team.

"My defense will get to a point where they will be mean, nasty and ornery bastards and that's what you need for Texas. Texas will move the ball with tit-for-tat, screens and options, but we'll make them pay a price whenever they catch one of those dinky passes. We'll put three hats on them and make them not want to get up; that's the way to beat Texas."

Good one, Schnelly. Never mind Texas won the national championship just two years ago and the best your Owls have done is the New Orleans Bowl.

This must be a tough choice for Sooner fans. If there is one thing they hate more than the Texas Longhorns, it's Schnellenberger. After promising "they'll write books and make movies about my time here," Howard's five-win, five-loss and one-tie season doesn't leave fond memories in Norman.

So which is better, a Texas stampede of the head Owl, or a Longhorn embarrassment? Oh, the Sooner cup runneth over.