Second to none

BY: Mark Hancock

I mean, really, what’s the fun in that?

Plus, it creates the opportunity for awkward moments when you show up at a social function wearing the same outfit as someone else.

That’s an experience you only want to have once. For me, it was New Year’s Eve 2007. I felt confident in my stripey blue-and-black sweater dress. Sure, I’d purchased it off the rack at a mass-production conglomerate, but at least I’d paid full price.

Halfway through the evening, I took a quick trip to the ladies’ restroom to check in on how awesome I still looked. I rounded the corner, skip still fully in my step, and came face to face with the mirror image of myself.

Well, sort of. The only difference was she had blonde hair and happened to be my mortal enemy from college. I found peace in the fact that it was just as horrible of a moment for her. After that day, I vowed to never purchase important outfits solely from a store where racks were packed with the same things.

A much better place to start are vintage and secondhand shops.

According to Gazette’s 2013 “Best of” roundup, we have a heap of those gems here.

In fact, my most treasured piece of clothing is a ’60s-era silk scarf I picked up from Bad Granny’s Bazaar (1759 N.W. 16th St.; 528-4585).

True story. This shop is packed with amazingness. There is so much treasure there, the only way to truly discover it is to spend a few hours exploring.

There are records, racks of clothing for men and women, jewelry and, of course, shoes from a variety of eras.

Another place to go is Goodwill Industries. And if you’ve never perused one of the local shops, you’ll be surprised with quality when you do. I mean, sometimes you won’t find a thing, and you might even get a little scared.

But sometimes you’ll find the perfect dress, book, picture frame, couch, brooch, blazer or prison jumper.

And in third place this year, Daisy Exchange (5911 Northwest Expressway; 720-2274).

This locally owned haven for secondhand treasures has impressively high standards. In fact, many of its items still have the tags intact. The back part of the store is brimming with filled racks. Jeans are hung according to size, and the Daisy Exchange offers dressing rooms to ensure fit before you purchase.

Keep looking fabulous, but cut out the chance of wearing the exact same outfit as your mortal enemy. Let’s shop, OKC!