Flower power

This is probably a rare situation, but it did let me learn a few things about this fair city I call home, weddings and, of course, love.

When you channel all the bridesmaid energy in the universe, it’s truly amazing what can be accomplished. For example, the streets of Oklahoma City were nearly clear during the weekend, which is a miracle in and of itself.

The maid of honor and I planned to hit up flower shops to pick up some flower we could use to make the bride’s dreams come ture. After the shock of buying a bouquet or flowers from the shop (When you so much as mention it’s a wedding, prices mysteriously creep up...), we regrouped.

We were close to delivering the news to the bride that the option for flowers wasn’t in reach when the thought of letting our beloved friend down prompted us to dig deeper. Then the idea of grocery stores and fresh markets presented itself.

Off we went to Homeland (1108 NW 18th St.; 524-4221). There are several metro locations, which is nice, but on this particular day, we were near the Plaza District and popped in to the smaller, older but very lovable location.

Now, don’t expect a giant selection. But you can expect a few simple flowers at reasonable prices. A bundle of off-white mums did the trick.

Of course, the mums alone weren’t enough to create a whole bouquet, and we still needed bridal party flowers, so the pursuit continued on.

Next up was Sprouts Farmers Market (6410 N. May Ave.; 879- 9989). Here, the little area to the right of the entrance was actually stocked pretty well. Not to mention the sale bins, which happened to hold two bouquets of the exact shade of orange that matched our fabric swatch.

We got lucky and knocked out the majority of our flower needs in only a few shops.

We didn’t even make it to Floral Fusion, the flower area in Buy For Less (3501 Northwest Expressway; 576-3597). Here, you can grab wedding, holiday or any other arrangements done by master florists. It also has potted plants and everyday bouquets to grab on the go.

We de-leaved and arranged and — what do you know? — created some pretty stellar bouquets. The best part was how fun it ended up being. And we’ll always keep the memories of running around like it was a treasure hunt.

Maybe you don’t have a wedding emergency. Maybe you just like to have fresh flowers around your home. Whatever your reason for needing budding beauties, get excited about the selection now that you know where to look. Let’s shop, OKC!