The Trip

Like the food its stars sample, “The Trip” isn’t for everyone’s tastes. Those who appreciate a subtle brand of humor that’s all about the details — in other words, British — should try it, when it screens Friday and Saturday at Oklahoma City Museum of Art, as part of the four-day, three-flick Foodie Film FEASTival.

Condensed from the recent, six-episode BBC series of the same name, the improv comedy casts Steve Coogan (“The Other Guys”) and Rob Brydon (“Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”) as themselves, more or less. Steve’s tasked with taking a road trip to write about some fine dining spots along the English countryside, and because he’s having troubles with the girlfriend (Margo Stilley, the awkwardly Googleable “9 Songs”), he invites Rob to take her platonic place.

With Rob getting on Steve’s nerves from the outset, an amusing tour is assured, where the two discuss everything from receding gums to opium and eulogies. It’s not a rollicking ride, however; it even takes detours into underplayed dramatics.

Shot in catch-as-catch-can style by Michael Winterbottom (the Okie-shot “The Killer Inside Me”), its brightest moments and biggest laughs come from two sets of recurring scenes. In one, the guys attempt to outdo one another with celebrity impressions, including Sean Connery, Dustin Hoffman, Hugh Grant, Anthony Hopkins, Woody Allen, Al Pacino and the Swedish Chef from “The Muppets.” Most memorable is their duel of Michael Caines.

Comprising the other set are their seemingly on-the-fly comments on the oft-pretentious dishes they’re served, from pigeon to truffle ravioli. Coogan  excels especially: “Duck-fat lolly ... why not?” and “The consistency is a bit like snot, but ... it tastes delicious.”

Sure does!