Kidnapped - Alan Grant and Cam Kennedy

Tundra Books
ISBN: 9780887768439

Robert Louis Stevenson's classic 1886 novel may not be as accessible to kids weaned on the Internet as it has been to previous generations, so this graphic novel adaptation may be the best way to interest reluctant children in the work, and perhaps the joy of reading in general.

It's been decades since I read of newly orphaned David Balfour and his seagoing, swashbuckling adventures, so I can't say how closely it adheres to Stevenson's original text, but it appears to be faithful, right down to the "ye" and "aye" vernacular.

Cam Kennedy's art is alive with action and color "? no surprise given a resume that includes work with the characters of Batman, Daredevil and the "Star Wars" universe.

"?Rod Lott