The Museum of What?

Performance and interactive art experiences themed around horror and shock value will surprise audience members at Friday’s first-ever Museum of Miscreant Designation.

The doors to 814 Sheridan on Film Row open at 7 p.m., and the Geek House Productions show costs $10 to enter.

“We gave them the concept of horror or shock value as a theme, and they are applying it to their work,” said Christian Pitt, producer at Geek House Productions.

right, The Boom Bang

One of the unique things about the show is that because an artist can’t sell a performance art piece, there is a cover charge to get in the door.

“You can’t buy an experience,” Pitt said, noting that all of the artists in the show will receive a portion of the cover charge.

One of the artists, K. Edward Van Osbol, will have a “horror-based image projection with an interactive sound component,” Pitt said.

Another will perform a piece that revolves around her sexuality. Other work will utilize film and music to entertain crowds.

Also, around 10 p.m., two local bands will kick off some live music. The Boom Bang will open the show with some rock sure to wake the dead. Shitty/Awesome will carry out the night with some upbeat indie-rock riffs.

“It’s going to be a cacophony of experience,” Pitt said. For more information, call 818-233-7234 or visit