Chicken-Fried News: We're No. 49!

Chicken-Fried News: Green gobblin

Oklahoma ranks almost last (sorry about you, Kentucky) when it comes to emotional and physical well-being, according to a new study from financial social media company WalletHub.

When considering overall emotional health, job satisfaction, recreational activity, volunteerism, sleep rates and more than a dozen other quality-of-life factors across the 50 states and District of Columbia, the Sooner State floats up a few notches to No. 45. Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama and West Virginia fill out the bottom of the barrel.

Believe it or not (we’re not sure why we’re so scrupulous about these findings), Utah ranked No. 1, followed by Minnesota, Hawaii, Colorado and North Dakota, the report shows. Sigh.

We imagined that most people who live north of us barricade themselves indoors in winter months, surf the ’net, date exclusively online and eat venison jerky from oversized tubs. Boy, were we shocked when we looked in the mirror.