Sound the Alarm - Stay Inside



According to the band's official Web site biography, Sound the Alarm formed when the members were only 12 years old, which was only a year ago, by the looks of the photo on the back of the band's release.


The band was discovered by Grammy-nominated producer Howard Benson, who was responsible partially for some of Papa Roach, Hoobastank and My Chemical Romance's success.


How can kids so young create something so generic and boring? What is most disappointing is that every one of the 12 songs on the album shows true musical talent' just no songwriting skill. The members of Sound the Alarm can play their instruments and lead singer Cody Jancovic sure can sing. The opening track "Closer" has a lively beat and soaring chorus, and is the best song on the album. Two stripped-down and slower songs' "Until We Collide" and "Telling Lies"' expose the band's lack of story or experience.


Surely buried somewhere inside these Pennsylvania kids is a song that doesn't sound so polished, sterile and lifeless. 


"?Joe Wertz