Jessicka Rabid

This hateful effort — apologies to the word "effort" — not only gives exploitation film a bad name, but represents a strong argument against DIY movies.

Jessicka (Elske McCain, "Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead") is treated like a dog, literally. Her male captors keep her caged and feed her dog food, and occasionally put a leash around her neck so she can do her business outside. For baths, she's hosed down. Every now and then, she's drugged so she can be pimped out to a porn director.

And then there's a lesbian scene in which Jessicka is seduced by the ol' "peanut butter on the nipples" trick. Finally, she turns the tables on her masters. And the point is ...?

There's none that I could find, other than for writer/director Matthew Reel, in his feature debut, to wallow in filth. I'd say I felt as used as McCain, but she co-wrote the damn thing (which isn't saying much, since her character is mute). So I'll feel used for her.

The pun of the title is the only thing "Jessicka Rabid" has going for it in the plus column. This Troma pick-up really makes "I Spit on Your Grave" look like high art by comparison. —Rod Lott