Force? What force?

I read Kern’s letter and immediately thought, “WTF?” Is Kern a real person or a fictional character from a piece of homophobic literature? I’m a nonreligious person, but if I ever adopted a religion, I would like to believe that my chosen religion’s higher being would espouse love, tolerance, kindness, friendship and peace among my fellow human beings. What does Rev. Kern’s religion espouse? Hate, anger, intolerance, impoliteness and anxiety?

Kern writes in his letter, “a special class of citizens forcing the rest of us to embrace their [LGBT] lifestyle against our own conscience.” What is being forced upon you, Rev. Kern? Is somebody holding a gun to your head, forcing you to live a life of your disliking?

It’s simple, Rev. Kern: You live your life.

I live my life. John Doe lives his life. Jane Doe lives her life.

—Kevin Pensoneau
Oklahoma City

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