OKG7 Eat: Love bites


5833 Northwest Expressway 



better way to reflect on a lifetime’s worth of bad romantic decisions
than over an all-you-can-eat pizza and pasta buffet? For a measly $3.99
($6.99 on the weekends), indulge in gut-busting servings of pizzas like
Bacon Double Cheeseburger, Meat Market, Buffalo Chicken and the
Superoni, as well as pastas, salads and desserts as children run about
happily, playing arcade games, riding go-karts and driving bumper cars.

Red Dog Cafe

6417 NW 10th St.


romance (or lack of it) by spending an evening with ladies whose job it
is to like you. If that weren’t nice enough, they also cook up some of
the best burgers and sandwiches in town. Try the extra-spicy jalapeño
burger basket with fries ($7) or extra-crunchy chicken strips meal ($5).
And then get that private dance.

Baker Street Pub & Grill

2701 W. Memorial Road 



Celebrate your unbridled sadness and eternal loneliness by loading The Queen is Dead onto
an iPod and heading down to a regional chain eatery. You have nothing
else to lose. Baker Street offers a hearty helping of
get-the-frick-over-it. The indelibly authentic Scotch eggs ($5.99) are a
light that never goes out, as are the delightfully original
potato-chip-crusted fish and chips ($13.99) served with zucchini fries.

The Grand Buffet

Grand Casino Hotel and Resort 

777 Grand Casino Blvd., Shawnee 



when to quit. Or, heck, when to go all-in. Head to The Grand Buffet,
the sassy eatery locatsed right inside the casino. It’s loaded with
varying daily specials. The Friday night surf and turf ($26.95) is a
treasure chest of delights and features some truly tender and
tantalizing New York Strip steak. It’s the perfect place to count your
cash winnings as well as your romantic losses.

The Coach House

6437 Avondale Drive 



two people love each other very much, they put on nice pleated slacks
and sequined blouses and head to the legendary Coach House. And while it
might be dinner for one, hey, it’s more food for you, right? Right.
Start off with exquisite seared foie gras with red wine pear gastrique ($20). And, because you deserve it, follow that up with sautéed Dover sole with citrus emulsion ($52).

Nancy’s Kitchen and 57th St. Lighthouse

5708 N. May Ave. 



Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt. “How Am I Supposed to Live
Without You” by Michael Bolton. Both heart-wrenching songs of loss and
regret. Let it all go. Lift your voice with a little help from Nancy’s
desserts menu featuring decadent delights like Nancy’s chocolate chip
cake ($3), two-scoop sundae ($3.50) or the turtle cheesecake ($3.50),
all guaranteed to make anyone sing a happier tune.

Joe’s Addiction

1806 SE 59th St. 



the famous song goes, there has got to be a morning after. After a
debauched night of gambling, strippers, go-karting, shoegazing and
mic-handling, it’s time to gather your wits. The tall acai-pomegranate
and blueberry smoothie ($3.50) is what the doctor ordered, full of
vitamins and nutrients that a healing body needs. A light breakfast of
cream cheese bagelfuls (93 cents) will provide the energy to get up and
go, reborn in your newfound self-love.

— by Louis Fowler, photos by Mark Hancock and Shannon Cornman