Text to the top

Here is another one of those national studies that ranks Oklahoma near the top. The question is, does this one mark the Sooner State with a badge or black eye?

According to Nielsen, which is more commonly known for ratings of television shows, Oklahoma ranks high when it comes to texting. OMG! Did you think it was going to be for sales of remote controls?

So not only do we score high in teen pregnancy, obesity and divorce, now Oklahomans are known for less speaking and more thumbing.

The study found Oklahomans average more than 600 texts per month, according to NewsOn6.com. And this is without former University of Oklahoma head basketball coach Kelvin Sampson helping to pad the numbers with his recruiting tactics.

Only seven other states matched Oklahoma's average: Utah, Wyoming, Kansas, Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Don't really see a connection among them.Maybe they all rely on texting their kids, who are too occupied with Internet Lady Gaga videos to realize that dinner is ready.

Speaking of teens, the study found that segment of the American population texts the most: about 2,779 messages a month. Which means homeschool kids will do even better at spelling bee contests because Johnny was too busy telling Sally "U lok gd 2day."

The study was conducted between April 2009 and March 2010 by analyzing the cell phone bills of more than 60,000 subscribers each month in the United States. So much for privacy laws in this country. Next year, our grocery credit card bills will be analyzed to find out which states buy the most OxiClean products.