Smokin' Aces



The gist is that Vegas illusionist Buddy "Aces" Israel (Jeremy Piven) has so angered the Mob that a million-dollar bounty now sits upon his head. With a take like that, you'd expect every quirky criminal to come out of the woodwork, and they do, including a duo of black female assassins (one of whom is singer Alicia Keys), a master of disguise and a trio of ultra-violent, hick-punk siblings known as The Tremor Brothers.


Gleefully snorting its own candy-colored hipness, "Aces" is nothing if not full of life, cramming more madness in 108 minutes than most would dare. It's a ton of fun, but it should've shed some weight to give scene-stealer Jason Bateman far more screen time.


Don't go looking for extra scenes of him on the disc, though. In fact, none of them are anything special. But it's nice to see from the outtakes reel that Ben Affleck can't shoot pool to save his life.


"?Rod Lott