Chicken-Fried News: Trump dump

Visitors to the Oklahoma State Fair are used to a lot of hot air, but they were treated to a new ?gust on Friday when GOP presidential front-runner and combover ambassador Donald Trump stopped in Oklahoma City.

Fairgoers were able to enjoy Disney’s princesses on ice, a turkey leg wrapped in a pound of bacon, pig races, a variety of rides and the semi-coherent political ramblings of a man most famous for firing people on TV.

Trump continued his habit of making incredibly specific and detailed political plans by telling the crowd of thousands that America is “going to start winning so much that you’re going to get sick and tired of winning. You’re going to get bored of winning.”

?Thankfully, the candidate who promises voters a “top-of-the-line national security team,” an alternative to Obamacare with “really great? ?coverage,” a military that is “so strong and so powerful and so incredible” and to “make America great again” ?already delivered a win that helped? make Oklahoma great again — b?y leaving it quickly.

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