Funny farm

That’s when Oklahoma’s senior senator decided to clarify the issue of gays in the military by talking about bestiality.

According to the Tulsa World, Inhofe assured the audience that lifting the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy did not, in fact, legalize bestiality in the military — just in case you were wondering.

Riding the crazy train to the end of the track, Inhofe reportedly continued that homosexuals can “go in the military, go wide open, and use that for their agenda,” but that sex with animals still remains illegal under the military code.

“When you go out and talk to people on the street, they’ll tell you, ‘Oh, they’ve legalized bestiality,’ … but that hasn’t changed,” Inhofe told his audience.

Two days later, the Tulsa chamber issued a statement distancing itself from Inhofe’s sentiments.

Upon hearing the news, Inhofe apologized and blamed his statements on a migraine.

Just kidding! Actually, he accused the chamber of lying about him and questioned the organization’s loyalty.

will certainly inform my decisions regarding future engagements with
the Tulsa chamber,” Inhofe reportedly said. “And I am asking the several
hundred people who heard my speech to speak up and expose what a
disservice this small sub-group of the chamber has done to me.”