Oklahoma Children's Theatre stages 'Alice in Wonderland'

Follow the White Rabbit to the Oklahoma Children's Theatre's stage rendition of "Alice in Wonderland" today through May 24.

In the classic children's story adapted from Lewis Carroll, the Queen cautions Alice to take care of her tarts, but they're stolen when her back is turned. Alice realizes the Rabbit will lose his head if she doesn't find them, prompting her to go searching for the thief, which leads audiences through a maze of adventures that ends in a trial.

"It's a great opportunity for parents to enjoy something with their kids," said Elin Bhaird, director of the show. "It's a classic story. People love it. Come out and have a good time with your kids."

The show's cast and crew is comprised of professional adults in the community, as well as Oklahoma City University students. Although the theater has staged "Alice in Wonderland" previously, Bhaird said the company is using a new script this year.

The play stages 11 a.m. today through Friday, and 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday at Oklahoma Children's Theatre, 2501 N. Blackwelder. Tickets are $5 for children ages 2-12 and $7 for ages 13 and up. For tickets or more information, visit or call 951-0011.

"Caitlin Harrison