Damned by Dawn

Let it be.

But then Nana (Dawn Klingberg) dies, and the ghostly, bloody-eyed banshee shows up, screaming like a teakettle and emitting a breath so fierce that it shakes the house and freaks the eff out of the family, so an unnerved Claire pushes the spirit out the home's second story to be impaled on the fence below.

"Oh, no, you di'n't!" replies the banshee (not literally, mind you), and gets back at the young woman by zombifying her boyfriend and raising the dead to attack the rest of her clan. Thus begins an onslaught of floating skeletons wielding sickles and turning into what looks like liquid poo as they splat against her car as she attempts escape. These scenes are pretty awesome, even if they are just CGI.

"Damned by Dawn" is only a hair over 80 minutes, so I liked its final two-thirds. Writer/director Brett Anstey's feature debut could benefit from a little levity, but carries a nifty, creepy look; a superb Gothic-ready setting;  and excellent monster designs that don't look like the same ol' same ol'. "?Rod Lott