Oil vey!

The would-be Keystone XL pipeline would mean an estimated 1,200 jobs in Oklahoma. Obama’s decision, hailed by environmentalists and condemned by the oil industry, had state leaders vying to see who could crank out the most pissed-off reaction.

“I am outraged by President Obama’s obstructionism, poor judgment and lack of regard,” fumed Gov. Mary Fallin.

“Pandering to far-left environmentalists might please the president’s friends at moveon.org,” said state Senate President Pro Tem Brian Bingman, “but it won’t help relieve the glut of crude oil in Cushing, won’t create jobs for Oklahomans, and certainly won’t make America’s energy future secure.”

U.S. Rep. Tom Cole called the decision “indefensible,” while Rep. James Lankford went for “laughable.”

With winter upon us, Chicken-Fried News must admit we’re thankful that at least the rhetoric these days is overheated.