Frank gets clubbed

Credit: Brad Gregg

Last week, the organization
issued a “Primary My Congressman” list of nine RINOs (Republicans In
Name Only) that the group wants defeated in their next primary

So why did Lucas make the list?

to Club for Growth, the 11thterm congressman “has a long record of
voting against cutting spending” and “has repeatedly voted against
fiscally conservative budgets offered by the Republican Study

addition, the group accuses Lucas of voting against “cutting wasteful
pork projects” and voting in favor of No Child Left Behind.

its website, Club for Growth — which is kinda like Hair Club for Men,
if the enemy were taxes instead of male-pattern baldness — makes no
bones about wanting to purge moderates from the Republican Party because
those types “often join with liberal Democrats to grow government and
increase taxes.”

helps answer the question of why there’s such gridlock in Washington:
not enough polarization and too much compromise, obviously.