Chesapeake admits it has ‘too many people’

“We have way too many members of management, we have too many layers of management and too narrow spans of control,” Dunham told The Daily Oklahoman.

An internal review is expected finished by Nov. 1. However, rumors have been circulating for weeks.

The Lost Ogle website published a leaked internal Chesapeake email on Sept. 17 that said, “The layoff will affect certain employees working at the Company’s Oklahoma City Campus facility located at 6100 N. Western Avenue in Oklahoma City, OK.”

These have been called “WARN” notices, or Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act emails, often triggered by the Commerce Department when a company removes one-third of its employee base or 500 people
in a community, though, in this case, the Commerce Department said it
hadn’t yet received notice of that threshold.

The company did admit to
NewsOK that some layoffs had already been made.

Look at the campus.
First off, the word campus. It’s a campus. A big — no, giant — campus. There were almost 5,000 employees here in January. Tell us how many people are “leaving” it. Don’t leave us hanging like many “too big to fail” businesses did in Detroit.