Interpol - Our Love to Admire



I'm not sure how much cocaine it takes to truly appreciate an Interpol record, but something tells me it takes even more to make one.


The latest from the New York City foursome is a definite departure from both "Turn on the Bright Lights" and "Antics." Having scored a much bigger record label (and maybe better drugs?) for its third release, the band has moved on from the garage-rock sound to a more ambient and atmospheric feel. Keyboards even make appearances, and not in even in an "Aren't keyboards clever? Hi, we're The Bravery" kind of way.


The single, "The Heinrech Maneuver," chokes out a steady drum beat, while a guitar meanders and lead signer Paul Banks asks, "How are things on the West Coast?" The 10th track, "Wrecking Ball," is beautiful and weird. Echoey and experimental, with delayed guitars, strings and wailing vocals, it is the biggest changeup on the album and a song made to be on a soundtrack.


"Our Love to Admire" is easy to admire, so go acquire. 


"?Joe Wertz