15 book titles from Mustang-based Christian publisher Tate Publishing that sound pornographic

1. The Story and Poems of the Boy from Dingle Hole Road by Al Luckette

2. Inside My Special Box by Helena R. Chung

3. Joy Comes in the Mourning by Korika L. Johnson

4. Adventures of the Wee People by Woody Miller

5. Mom from Down Under by Margaret Brittingham

6. Aidan & His Magic Wand by Christina M. Giles

7. Conducting Business with Professor Spice by Daniel Lafferty

8. HookJaw by Scott Roebuck

9. Into the World of the Wibbly Weebys by LaDeane Klawe

10. Laminar Flow by Timothy H. Cook

11. Maria and the Carrot Patch by Matthew A. Miraglia

12. Siblings & Secrets by Marilyn Bowen

13. Squidgy on the Brook by Kenneth G. Old and Patty Old West

14. A Pleasing Aroma by Dee Dee Wike

15. Come! There Is Poetry in the Bag! by Krystal Gober and Kendis Dave