Munn ho!: Fourth in a series

Last week, one of the most burning questions surrounding former Oklahoman turned actress/model/geek icon (and now unwitting Oklahoma Gazette cover girl!) Olivia Munn is one that will have been answered by the time you read this.

No, not, “Has she Twitpic’d her cleavage again?” (a given), but “Is she going to attend the Super Bowl with Justin Timberlake?” You may recall recent rumors of the Renaissance man attempting to court Munn via text behind his longtime girlfriend’s back. Such rumors led to wonder how this might impact JT’s plus-one at Sunday’s Super Bowl XLV: “We’re all curious to see who’ll be by his side if he shows up — Jessica Biel or Olivia Munn?” Well, not all of us are curious, Caroline. Some of us have better things to do. Like watch sitcoms.

Just not Munn’s. “Perfect Couples” continues its streak of racking up critical brickbats. Last week, The Seattle Times chimed in: “(It’s) trying really hard to be quirky and funny … pretty hohum stuff.”

Maybe Munn can take heart knowing that she’s faring better with horny guys, having landed on’s long-awaited list of the 99 Most Desirable Women of 2011. She appears at No. 47 — take that, “Glee” diva Lea Michele (No. 91)!

Instead, it sounds like she’s drowning any sorrows with food. Tweeted Munn on Feb. 3, “Wish more friends liked Olive Garden. Bottomless breadstix!! Mom taught me 2 fill my emotional void w/carbs…”