Waiting for a Super Bowl

Hank Williams Jr. ain’t got nothin’ on Oklahoma City’s favorite psychedelic rockers, at least not when it comes to the upcoming Super Bowl Sunday. A brand-spanking-new Lips song, “Sun Blows Up Today,” will be front and center in a Hyundai commercial slated to run during the big game.

The band will be spotted performing the tune, written for the 60-second spot hawking the Hyundai Santa Fe.

An executive for the automaker told Billboard that Hyundai was excited to work with the group.

"The Flaming Lips are very much like Hyundai,” said Steve Shannon, a vice president of marketing. “They're a little offbeat. They've been around a long time and they continue to reinvent themselves."

No word on whether that means Hyundai owners should consider dropping acid and freaking out. But checking under the hood for any inert, gold-painted grenades might be in order.

Hyundai will offer 100,000 free downloads of “Sun Blows Up Today” on its website. The song, incidentally, will be part of the Lips next album, The Terror, set for an April release.