Get off the fence

When did they make more than one true God? Yes, the Bible says that a man should not lay with another man, but the Bible also says that God will forgive you of all of your sins. Have you ever read the Ten Commandments?

Have you ever broken one of those commandments? If you have, you have committed a sin and you will one day be judged by God. How would you feel if you were judged and ridiculed, dragged through the public eye, made to feel different or less than perfect, unloved or dirty and ashamed to be yourself? Gay or lesbian, male or female, they are people, they have feelings, they have a heart and they are loving human beings who do not deserve to be judged by anyone on any day in any way except by God himself on their judgment day.

For all of you making judgments on others, you will one day be judged on that, too, for that is for God only to decide. You just make life hard for people in the world who are different than you. Maybe you should try to see the world from their side of the window and understand them before you pass judgment.

The Bible also says that God will forgive us of all of our sins, so I fully expect to see all of my gay and lesbian friends in heaven. Oh, and by the way, I am neither one, but I will not let you bash them, either! I am sorry if you don’t agree or disagree.

—M. Doty
Midwest City