Tangled web

The site in question, zooamp.com, was set up by Howard Pollack’s company, Facilities Management Group (FMG), which had managed the Zoo Amp from 2003 until last summer, when the Oklahoma City Zoological Trust awarded the venue’s management contract to another company.

The parting between FMG and the city was acrimonious, with both sides exchanging barbs during contentious public meetings last summer.

Pollack said FMG had been served with a letter by an assistant city attorney threatening legal action if the firm didn’t give control of the website to the city. Pollack said his company paid for and created the site, and that there was nothing in his contract with the city mentioning ownership of it.

"Haven't they done enough to me already?" Pollack said. "I'm not trying to hurt the zoo. I've moved on to bigger and better things."

In addition, he said that FMG uses the online site to promote concerts that are not at the Zoo Amp.

Kristy Yager, OKC’s public information manager, said city officials decided earlier today not to litigate FMG to gain control of the site.

The city currently is transitioning management of the facility to 3Horse Productions. Oklahoma City Council last month approved a contract for the Ada-based company to take over the amphitheater’s management.

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