The skin skinny

That stress has manifested itself in what I’m assuming is a budding cutaneous horn on my forehead. Yeah, horn. Like a unicorn, but less sparkly rainbows and more hideous she-beast. Google it, but fair warning: It is a very real, disgusting thing.

Or it could just be dry skin. Either or. Whatever it is, my sensitive skin is pissed off. I’m trying to placate it with some new, pretty products and enough lotion to make Buffalo Bill happy.

At Essentials (9225 N. Penn; 842-6401), there’s a ton of lotions and soaps from which to choose. Crabtree & Evelyn is always a good buy, but I especially like the La Source products. This C&E line has light scents and comes in hand lotions, body wash, a mineral soak and shea butter soaps.

I’m really into bar soaps right now, having recently made the switch from body wash. At Essentials, check out the triple-milled soaps by Thymes in scents like ambersweet-orange, bergamot-vert and agave nectar. And you can’t miss the olive leaf hand and body lotions. Produits Naturels one-ups Thymes with quad-milled soaps, some with a natural exfoliant.

For men, Essentials carries Jack Black, a great line of cleansers, lotion and something called beard lube, which sold me at the name.

Skin care gets all science-y at The MakeUp Bar (7646 N. Western; 810- 1226). There’s B. Kamins Chemist, which runs the skin gamut from medicated acne gel to moisturizing night cream, and a big collection of Priori, which contains some of the most powerful antioxidants in the industry.

Also be sure to check out the Kiehl’s line. It may not have the best packaging, but I love the stuff. One can’t-miss is the argan dry oil for the face and body.

I’m using enough lotion to make Buffalo Bill happy.

Finally, something for the gents.

Attached to Winter House Interiors, Carwin’s Shave Shop (5710 N. Classen; 607-1199) is a lovely shop dedicated to classic grooming, including body cleansers and face washes that look straight out of a Victorian apothecary.

What I really loved at Carwin’s, however, is the diverse line of simply stunning razors and brushes. These aren’t pieces you throw in a drawer with your cheapo, plastic multiblades, but something you keep out on open bathroom shelving. Check out the chrome-handled lather brushes by Edwin Jagger or amazing razors with stag horn or cow horn handles. For classic double-edge razors (what your dapper grandpa used), check out the substantial silver razors by Merkur or Edwin Jagger.

Then there are the straight razors.

Carwin’s works with a local silversmith artist, John Cole, who refurbishes vintage straight blades and creates intricate “scales” (or the outside blade cover) of silver. They are like little works of art.