Living The Marriage Of A Lifetime - Kim Kimberling

ahoma City-based family counselor Kim Kimberling offers the "best gift you can give your marriage" in his self-help book, "Living the Marriage of a Lifetime." Perhaps "self-help" isn't the best adjective, however, as God must be present as well, according to Kimberling.

Yes, the book comes from a Christian perspective, but don't take that to mean the advice within sticks to out-of-date stereotypes. Instead, much of what is put forth makes total (if common) sense: Each spouse needs to support the other. Men can't expect to be the dominant force. And for God's sake (and yours), communicate! Talk! Share! And when it comes to sex, guys: Don't forget the foreplay. Women: Dress sexy. Both of you: Spend time with one another!

Worksheets are included to help couples budget, climb out of debt and gain insight into their union. By drawing upon his own marriage and admitting past faults with gracious humor, Kimberling's aims are good-natured and likely effective.

"?Rod Lott