Filmmakers hope Pain Reliever encourages women not to fear a broken heart

A new year is an opportunity to begin anew, which is exactly what Larita Blandon had in mind when she sat down to write Pain Reliever.

It started out as a journal entry, a way to let out the emotions she was feeling after her last relationship fell through. Blandon, also known as Larita Charmayne, is an actress and acting coach for John Casablancas Center. She so enjoyed what she was writing that that she expanded it into a short film screenplay.

Blandon wants Pain Reliever to remind women of all ages not to wallow in post-breakup depression.

“It’s talking about how in a relationship you lose yourself to your partner and you forget your own identity,” she said. “Once you break up, you realize that you can live your life again. Don’t be heartbroken.”

Pain Reliever is currently in editing. Director Kelvin Carrington said he hopes to have the 10- to 15-minute short ready for an Oklahoma City debut in late August.

The project was shot in June. It follows a fashion consultant and famous blogger, portrayed by local actress Dani Marie, who draws romantic interest from a longtime client, played by actor Steven Bruner. The blogger is recovering from a broken heart and initially rejects her client’s advances.

“She’s a business woman, kind of a workaholic,” Blandon said. “She’s independent, so she’s the type of woman who probably feels like she can do it by herself, but he’s going to bring her back to reality.”

Carrington said Pain Reliever is a romance with engaging drama.

“A lot of women — and men — they go through the exact same thing,” he said. “We felt like the script is relatable. That’s what we attempted to capture on film.”

Carrington has acted in a number of commercials and worked on the sets of Bringing Up Bobby, Rudderless and television series Prison Break. This is his first time directing, and he said he loved doing it.

“It’s challenging because I have to take what she has on paper and try to capture it on film,” he said. “I’ve had a lot of experience working with other directors as an actor, so now it’s time to see what I can do.”

Blandon and Carrington met on the set of a Nike commercial starring Kevin Durant, one of the basketball star’s first TV spots. They kept in touch, and after they worked together on another short film this year, Blandon approached Carrington about her screenplay.

Carrington has worked in film full-time for 13 years. He decided to try acting after seeing a series of beer commercials on TV.

“I thought those were so hilarious,” he said. “I was like, ‘You know what; I think I’m going to try and do that.’”

Blandon discovered her passion for acting as a college student. Friends asked if she could be an extra in a movie they were involved in. When the lead actress was a no-show that day, she was bumped into a principal role. She was hooked.

Carrington said they plan to submit Pain Reliever to film festivals, including the prestigious Sundance Film Festival. They also want to host a local screening later this month at Sweets Cafe, 1000 NE 63rd St., where they filmed the project. However, with greater than expected interest in the film, they might opt for a larger venue.

Blandon hopes women find the film as therapeutic to watch as it was for her to write.

“It’s just an inspirational movie for women to continue to focus on their career,” she said. “Don’t be down and depressed and get your heart broken. Take risks, even if you might get your heart broken. You never know; he might be the one.”

Search “Pain Reliever short film” on Facebook to find the project’s official page.

Print headline: Sweet relief, Local actress Larita Blandon wrote Pain Reliever as a therapeutic post-breakup release.