Chicken-Fried News: Whiter whites

Chicken-Fried News: Whiter whites
Ingvard Ashby

One of President Donald Trump’s most recent Twitter rants, which media outlets cannot help but call “racially charged” comments, targeted four congresswomen of color. Unfortunately, Trump’s racist battery seems to always be at full charge.

Trump told “progressive Democrat congresswomen” to “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.” He quickly received backlash, so he doubled — no, tripled — down, again inviting people who are not happy to leave and going as far as to write, “I don’t have a Racist bone in my body!” Maybe his bones aren’t racist, but that pale, gaslighting mouth and brain of his sure are.

Even Congress had a hard time calling the comments racist. It took several hours before members voted on a resolution that “strongly condemns” his “racist comments.” Oklahoma’s own members of Congress, except Rep. Kendra Horn, voted against the resolution, of course. Despite the fact that Equal Employment Opportunity Commission literally lists “go back to where you came from” as a textbook example of unlawful harassment and discrimination, Oklahoma’s Republican congressmen stood by the president. 

Sen. James Lankford called Trump’s statement nonsensical but said he is not a racist and blamed both sides. Sen. Tom Cole initially tweeted he was “deeply disappointed,” but probably got a good talking to because he then tweeted “Americans who have different opinions are not racists” the next day. Rep. Markwayne Mullin agreed with Trump in an ass-kissing Facebook video basically telling people to go be socialists elsewhere. Sen. Jim Inhofe gave an irrelevant statement, babbling on about “smugglers and illegal aliens.” Rep. Horn condemned the “toxic back and forth” but did not call the president’s tweets racist.

An honorable mention goes to mayor David Holt, who took to Twitter to affirm that Oklahoma is welcoming to all immigrants — a positive message that would be much more powerful if he actually follows it up with actions.