Flower Review: Forbidden Fruit

Flower Review: Forbidden Fruit
Phillip Danner
Forbidden Fruit

Strain name: Forbidden Fruit

Grown by: Stability Growth

Acquired from: Strainwise

Date acquired:  Nov. 22

THC/CBD percentages: 

13.76 percent/0 percent (per The Highgrade Testing Lab)

Physical traits:  mid-tone green with few dull orange stigmas and a smattering of purple with dense trichomes

Bouquet: fruity and musky

Review: Forbidden Fruit was the first strain I chased after getting my medical cannabis card. Xavier Schucker at Cannabis Aid alerted me to it when some was dropped off at the dispensary. Neither he nor I had seen or smelled anything like it, and I stocked up on it last winter, smoking it sparingly and savoring every bit. That being said, this year has been a smorgasbord of excellent and exotic cannabis, and I have found many strains with the same eye appeal and terpene profiles, but I have finally circled back around. While this particular run was not as purple or as pungent with the scent of grapefruit, it definitely had a strong flavor and more trichomes. While an indica, this one slowed me down but did not kill my momentum, instead just making me more relaxed with an even-keeled high while I tended to things that needed to be done. It’s a good strain for a comfortable couch day in the winter without putting you straight to sleep. It should be noted that a previous run of this strain from Stability Growth took third place in the indica category at Oklahoma High Times Cannabis Cup in August.