Fiction Issue: Franz’ Cure

By Jeremy Lowe

Little count Drac
Would lay on his back
Counting the minutes away

The sun had to set
Or he could forget
About going out to play

For a vampire’s skin
However long it had been
Would violently burst aflame

So until twilight he stays
Till the sun’s gone away
The next night he’ll do the same

This has gone on
For far, far too long
Some 300 years and more

He hides from the sun
And hardly has fun
Each day a bigger bore

But then came a man
With a cream and a plan
That changed Drac’s life so much

It was called sunscreen
Such a magical thing
It blocked the sun’s deadly touch

Now Drac rubs it on
Runs out on the lawn
No longer scared of the sunny sky

He can play in the light
And sleep every night
Just like any other guy