Flower Review: Ragnarok #2

Flower Review: Ragnarok #2
Phillip Danner
Ragnarok #2

Strain name:   Ragnarok #2

Grown by:  The Inner Circle Grows 

Acquired from:  Planet Hollyweed

Date acquired: Jan. 31

THC/CBD percentages: 20.7 percent/.1 percent

Physical traits: Light green and covered with wiry light orange stigmas

Bouquet: earthy and herbal

Review:  While Ragnarok #3 with its reported 31.8 percent THC is what most people ran toward and swept up with quickness, I also heard a number of people saying that they preferred Ragnarok #2. I have joined the latter camp. While #3 does hit hard and get your heart racing, the intense high climaxes and then ebbs rather quickly, while #2 kept me humming for quite a while. To be completely honest, if I had not tried The Bruce just a few weeks ago, I probably would have passed on these strains, as they did not strike either my nose or my eye. That is where cannabis can be quite deceiving from a distance, as Ragnarok #2 has earned its place in my cannabis cabinet for “work fuel,” or strains I dip into when I need a little energy and attitude boost. It definitely provides a heart-pounding feeling but stops short of inducing panic, instead cresting into a strong euphoric high without taking you off of task. It is out of character for me to review one grower so soon after another, but The Inner Circle Grows, with its boutique, limited runs, piqued my interest. Look forward to the drops of The Collinsworth and Texas Strawberry coming soon.