Chicken-Fried News: Change, but not in Oklahoma

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Jerry Bennett
It was a rough week for anyone to the political left of Benito Mussolini.

While Joe Biden won the election by a wide margin of the popular vote (a fact will not change no matter how many tweets or temper tantrums hit the news cycle) in a rebuke of President Donald Trump’s recklessly ignorant tenure in the White House, it certainly was not the crushing defeat many predicted.

Democrats narrowly held control of the House of Representatives and still stand to pick up a majority in the Senate in Washington, D.C., but here in Oklahoma, the right-wing dutifully turned up to cast their ballot for a man who barely campaigned and could not be bothered to show the respect for his challenger to even show up to a debate. Republicans also flipped back a House seat previously snatched by Kendra Horn for a single term. Mayor David Holt even came out of his burrow to congratulate Representative-elect Stephanie Bice, but promptly got scared of his own shadow and retreated, which means six more weeks of abandoned leadership for Oklahoma City.

Statewide, Trump beat out Biden two-to-one and took super-spreader rally ground zero Tulsa by a fifteen-point margin. But here in Oklahoma County, he only held the lead by one percentage point and a hair more. You heard that right. The un-American, un-Oklahoman socialist liberals have all but taken over the state’s capital. Maybe things aren’t all bad here after all.