Summer Seltzer

With seltzer revenue reportedly reaching more than $4 billion in 2020, Sonic Corp. and COOP Ale Works have entered the arena, releasing their line. With its 5 percent alcohol by volume and single gram of sugar per can, this line will please the seltzer consumer and instill a little hometown pride. Comparably priced to other seltzer packs on the markets, the unique flavors should keep these hard to find on most shelves through the summer season.

Classic Lemonade and Original Limeade

Both of these are your standard citrus fare. The lemon and lime shine through, making each extra tart due to the lack of sugar in them. However, if forced to pick between the two, Sonic is known for its limeades and it’s the better one here, too.

Ocean Water

Heavy on the coconut but light on the “blue,” this flavor seems to be the most sought. While it is a refreshing tropical seltzer, the lack of sugar in the recipe makes it miss the Ocean Water mark, but is still rather tasty.

Cherry Limeade

This one is the best of the entire bunch. The cherry and lime are perfectly balanced with a tartness that matches the original soda fountain favorite. Bullseye. 

Lemon Berry

This one is the outlier and the dark horse flavor of the citrus sampler. The berry overtakes the citrus in this one, unlike the three other flavors in the pack. The aftermath on the palate is a little bizarre but that goes away after the first few sips.

Orange Pineapple

Don’t expect this one to wallop your taste buds nearly as hard as you expect it might, instead going down easy and quickly.

Melon Medley

With subtle flavors and subdued sourness and just a hint of sweetness, this one is the winner for being the easiest to drink quickly and in quantity. 

Mango Guava

Considerably tarter than the flavor pairing would indicate, both shine through while leaving lips puckered. This one gets more enjoyable as your mouth becomes accustomed to it.