Strain Review: Mango Sapphire

Strain name: Mango Sapphire 

Grown by: Smokie Okie 

Acquired from: Classen Kush House 

Date acquired: June 24 

Physical traits: several green hues with purple tinges and dense trichomes 

Bouquet: sweet and earthy 

Review: Had a bit of a sweet tooth when it came to cannabis strains these past few weeks, but this one was also a budtender recommendation. The perfect complement to the Eskimo Berry from True Heights, this one hits more like a heavy indica (but with the ease of smokability of a less intense strain). The taste of this one makes you want to keep hitting it, but going a bit harder on this one will result in a great bedtime vibe, so don’t expect to get much done except to finish a Netflix binge. Taking a daytime run at it didn’t completely stop me in my tracks but it wasn’t conducive to high functionality either, which is to be expected from strains with both OG and Afghani ancestors.