Strain Review: Mandarin Punch

Strain name: Mandarin Punch

Grown by: Giddy’s Farm

Acquired from: Giddy’s Premium Cannabis

Date acquired: July 12

Physical traits: light green with hints of purple

Bouquet: lightly fruity

Review: If you know who Jayson Emo AKA Giddy Up is, then you probably know his shop too. If you don’t, well, both High Times and Oklahoma Gazette have written extensively about him. Mandarin Punch was his choice for a review strain. Enough said. Purple Punch and its crosses are among my favorites anyway, with their sandy-textured nugs due to extensive trichomes and faintly sweet taste. A good Purple Punch is great cannabis and his run, crossed with Mandarin Cookies, hits the exact notes I was looking for. Calming without being soporific and uplifting without making your thoughts wander too far, Mandarin Punch is fun to overdo. A smooth, tasty smoke without the regret of going too far. Also of note are his Garlic, Sunday Sunset and another personal favorite, Orange Kush Cake. Giddy is pulling rooms down regularly, so check the shelves often for drops.