Strain Review: Topanga Wedding

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Topanga Wedding

Strain name: Topanga Wedding
Grown by: Cvltivation Clvb
Acquired from: Cvltivation Clvb
Date acquired: July 20

Physical traits: light green with purpling on the exterior

Bouquet: gassy and earthy

Review: While labeled an indica, this one definitely gives a sativa jolt under the right temperaments that increases in pitch with consumption. Flavorful yet powerful, you can get a sense of both parents (Topanga Canyon and Wedding Cake) with this run. Cvltivation Clvb is just out of the sightline when you’re heading south on Classen Boulevard, which unfortunately means that it has been just out of mind on each can-
nabis shopping trip. The interior of the dispensary is meticulously detailed with a comfortable wait as the order is filled after being placed at the counter. In addition to sampling their flower (admittedly, the number of strains available are not broad but the quality of the Topanga Wedding is encouraging), patrons can also try uninfused versions from several local edibles companies which means that patients can try out flavors for free before making a full purchase.