According to the Gowalla app, Oklahoma City includes spots both strange and scatological 

On any given day, local hangouts like Iguana Mexican Grill, the Ford Center and McNellie's Public House battle it out for the top spot on Gowalla, the location-based mobile check-in app.

But what about Hell?

Similar to Foursquare, Gowalla lets users check in via smartphone to where they are around town, and share that information with friends and followers online. Because the app operates on GPS, out-of-the-ordinary spots " born out of fun or frustration " can pop up where you least expect them.

Oklahoma Gazette wondered about these peculiar points of interest in the metro area, and the stories behind them. In no particular order "¦

"Turner Tpike Vagina"
Presumably, this one earned its name by the shape of the Interstates 44 and 35 interchange (pictured). Actually, that's exactly it, per Tulsan Matthew Leland, who created the spot.

"I have gotten a kick out of the fact that people that I do not know have checked into that spot," Leland said. "I live in Tulsa, and when I am traveling to OKC and somebody asks where I am, that is a point of reference: 'Yeah, just passed the big vagina about five minutes ago.' "¦ It's been a source of amusement for me."

"Weird Hotel Pool"

Last December, Sean Wayne created this spot off South Interstate 35 Service Road and S.E. 44th Street. No word from him on what makes it so weird, but Benny Jacobs checked in with the comment, "Won't catch me swimming here!" We can only imagine.

"Traction Shitter"
Even the toilet at Traction Marketing Group, 127 N.W. 62nd, poops up " er, make that "pops up" " on Gowalla.

"We only have one bathroom at the office," said Tanner Tate, Traction creativist, "so this was meant to be a clever " and probably way-too-public " way of announcing to the rest of the office whether or not the bathroom was occupied. Needless to say, it never really took off."

Located off North Linn Avenue and Cashion Place, the Ass-Seat is not another potty, but "a couch good for asses and utilizing laptops," per creator Katie Pennington, who founded it last November. "Sittin'. Utilizin'."

Preachers always taught us Hell is located somewhere in the underworld, but according to Linda Keller, it's actually much closer: off N.W. 10th Street and N. Sara Road, in fact.

She created it on Jan. 1.

"Back on New Year's Day, we had to go to my mother-in-law's to do Christmas," because it had been postponed by the blizzard, she said. "Needless to say, we hate each other. And I was not happy about having to be stuck at his family's house and miss the Winter Classic hockey game "¦ so Hell in Oklahoma was created."

"Horrific Traffic Jam Cluster F**k"
The name could apply to so many spots around town during rush hour, but Brian Jepsen bestowed it to southbound Centennial Expressway, just south of Interstate 40, in August, with the notation, "Remembering why I moved to The Paseo."

"Slow Painful Death of Walmart Check Out"
Prices aren't the only thing falling at the Walmart on 333 N. Interstate Drive in Norman. Apparently, so does patience.

"I was trying to be humorous," said Erica Reid, who created the spot in April. "Isn't Walmart always painful, though?"

Reid added that she has considered creating a location on Gowalla for Edmond's Purina plant, but under the moniker of "The Smelly Purina Plant."

"It is the worst smell on a hot summer day," she said.

"Mind Numbing Time Wasting Train"
Speaking of Edmond (and patience), its drivers get stopped at one time or another by the train that cuts through town.

In the case of Ken Surritte's spot created in June, it's on E. Memorial Road, just west of Broadway Extension.

"Found Black Dog Sign"
Finally, there's this one, at E. Lindsey and 12th Ave. S.E. in Norman.

"Laughing," commented Stephen Ebenhoe, when he created it in January, but efforts to find out just what was so funny were unsuccessful.

We just hope the pooch is A-OK. "Rod Lott

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