Andrew W.K. seeks universal truths in The Power of Partying lecture series 

click to enlarge Andrew W.K. | Photo Nina Ottolino / provided
  • Andrew W.K. | Photo Nina Ottolino / provided

If you need a reason to party, Andrew W.K. will give you one.

In fact, the singer-songwriter, musician, producer and entertainer will give you enough to justify the idea of partying as a philosophy, a way of finding inner truth.

“I’ve never done a full lecture tour like this,” W.K. recently told Oklahoma Gazette.

The tour’s scope presented a “formidable odyssey” for W.K., and after only a handful of dates, he said the experience has already been both rewarding and challenging.

“I’ve experienced new highs and also new lows, very much in keeping with the themes that we’re engaging with each night,” he said. “This needs to be me … all of us, in that room, tearing away, with humility and exposing ourselves to this intense thing called being alive.”

Ten years after speaking about life to a crowd of 600 at New York University, he has forged a career as a motivational speaker and master of the party life.

“Ever since then, this has become an unexpected activity, a new opportunity to party with people,” W.K. said.

Since mid-September, he has traveled to promote The Power of Partying, a speaking tour across all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

Each show combines pep rally elements with question-and-answer sessions in which guests can pick W.K.’s brain.

The Power of Partying speaking tour comes to Opolis, 113 N. Crawford Ave., in Norman on Friday.

W.K. views himself as a facilitator, providing the right context for people to celebrate and experience life.

“I don’t think anyone is going to come into this necessarily and learn some mind-blowing new idea. I actually feel more fulfilled if those inclinations, those inklings in each of us, were confirmed by this event,” he said.

“Partying is a very one-dimensional topic, but within that one dimension, within that seemingly trivial or shallow texture, actually the whole universe can be found. The deeper we dive into these ideas that are so simple they almost seem shallow, the more we encounter these paradoxes.”

While some have doubted W.K.’s methods, he has been encouraged by the diversity of people who attend his shows.

“To have people in their 50s, people almost my parents’ age, attending this … that is surprising and really meaningful,” he said.

Tour stops create spaces that are free from political tension.

Instead, W.K. said he prefers to focus on the unifying truths common to human existence.

“Nobody can actually do the hard work of living for another person, but we do have this gift to support each other in doing the work individually. Developing an understanding of yourself allows you to understand other people, have more empathy,” he said. “It’s essentially trying to develop an overarching transcendent mindset that allows us to embrace as much of life as possible, meaning even the painful, challenging, darker aspects.”

Although he acknowledges the often-uncomfortable realities of life, W.K. has refused to grow cynical.

“I don’t want to ever come to a conclusion, really of any kind, if I can help it, other than that life is good,” he said. “All other conclusions, I’m happy to leave as mysteries. … I just want to be around that as much as I can.”

Doors open at 7:30 p.m., and the show begins at 8:30 p.m.

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Print headline: Hearty party, Andrew W.K. fuses The Power of Partying with deep truths on his national speaking tour.

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