Artist of the Quarantine: The Dirty Fabulous

This all started in the late 1990s in a small rented shack.

Writer of the Quarantine: William Bradford III

My name is William Bradford III, and I’m a writer/poet born and raised here in Oklahoma.

Artist of the Quarantine: Neisha Ford

"Self portraits have always helped me understand myself deeper, and they feed different parts of my soul at different times.

Artist of the Quarantine: Abby Stiglets

"I feel my type of art style fits into the genre called Pop Surrealism," Abby Stiglets said. "It’s not quite realistic and not too cartoony.

Artist of the Quarantine: Calli Heflin

"Palimpsests, a layering of lines and imagery, have become a new way for me to represent myself and my interactions with the world," Calli Heflin said. "'Intermingling' is part of a series of horses layered over one another in charcoal, gesso, and oil paint.

Writer of the Quarantine: Tony Beaulieu

Tony Beaulieu is a writer originally from Slaughterville, Oklahoma.

Artist of the Quarantine: Jake Beeson

Jake Beeson is a well-rooted Oklahoma native involved in his community. Beeson’s large-scale, vibrant work can be seen throughout Oklahoma and surrounding states.

Artist of the Quarantine: Matt Lowery

"This deeply unsettling time has influenced the process I use to write music in ways I couldn’t have predicted," Matt Lowery said.

Writer of the Quarantine: Averi Little

Hi, my name is Averi Little!

Artist of the Quarantine: Claire Holloway

Claire Holloway is an emerging wildlife artist entering her senior year at the University of Oklahoma’s School of Visual Art as well as studying at the Oklahoma Academy of Classical Art.

Artist of the Quarantine: Madelyn Amacher

"I crave authenticity and vulnerability. My photography and music are built on just that: raw emotion," Madelyn Amacher said.

Artist of the Quarantine: J. Lopez

"[I'm a] cartoonist, illustrator and designer (web, graphic) web designer for Serco Inc. currently, doing cartooning and illustrations purely as a hobby," J. Lopez said. "I work entirely digitally and use a Wacom Cintiq or my iPad Pro.

Writer of the Quarantine: Bobbie Franklin

Bobbie Franklin is a serial entrepreneur and current content director at Frank Creative.

Artist of the Quarantine: Rachel Stout

"As an artist, my goal is to create clean images that take the viewer to a balanced and reflective place. Thinking of artwork as a visual representation of the human condition greatly inspires me," Rachel Stout said.

Artist of the Quarantine: Jacob Vega

"Growing up as a young kid, I knew that I wanted to be a designer.

Writer of the Quarantine: Kurtis DeLozier

Kurtis DeLozier is an award-winning author and Oklahoma native poet who has been writing since he could read the books of Shel Silverstein. DeLozier’s work has been published by Red Earth Review, Dragon Poet Review, Noisetrade, Art Cult Zine and others.

Artist of the Quarantine: Chase Kerby

"When I began doing photography a couple of years ago, it started as a cathartic way to see the world. It was an excuse to get out of my shell and out of my house," Chase Kerby said.

Artist of the Quarantine: Greg Pogue

Greg’s inspiration throughout this pandemic is to break down the weakest areas in his art and build it back up so he can capture the life and realism of what he’s drawing.

PRESS RELEASE Oklahoma Historical Society museums and historic sites will remain closed until June 1

All Oklahoma Historical Society (OHS) museums, historic sites and affiliates, including the Oklahoma History Center in Oklahoma City, have been closed to the public since Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

PRESS RELEASE A Message from National Cowboy & Western Heritage MuseumPresident Natalie Shirley

Museum to reopen May 18 with updates to the museum experience
The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, or The Cowboy as many like to call it, is a place where the West comes to life though art and history.

Artist of the Quarantine: Jared Kinley

"I am fascinated by the works created by photographers of the '70s, '80s, and '90s. Born in the '90s myself, I find myself gravitating to themes relevant back in the time of Avedon, Newton, Lindbergh, Ritts, and Penn," Jared Kinley said.

Writer of the Quarantine: Jeff Provine

Jeff Provine loves to tell a tale.

Artist of the Quarantine: Tanner Frady

An Oklahoma native, Tanner Frady works full-time as a sign painter with a background in graffiti.

PRESS RELEASE Oklahoma City Philharmonic to cancel remainder of 19-20 season

In order to protect our audiences, musicians, staff, and all those who we serve our community and in cooperation with community-wide efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the OKCPHIL has made the difficult decision to cancel the remaining concerts of our 2019-20 Season.


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