Playing Phantom

With Love Never Dies, Andrew Lloyd Webber expands the world of The Phantom of the Opera, returning to its characters and their choices in love, song and locale.
Some stories don’t die, even after their official end.

Lethal beauty

An encaustic artist recreates the cancers attacking her family in an effort to process the struggle that took her father and threatens her mother.
When one person has cancer, everyone has cancer.

Acting honor

Film actor Stephen Lang brings the stories of eight recipients of the Medal of Honor in one-man show Beyond Glory.
From General George Washington to Colonel Miles Quaritch in James Cameron’s Avatar, Stephen Lang has played many military men on big and small screens.

The doors

A sculpture professor from University of Oklahoma encourages exploration with an installation meant to be engaged, if not entirely understood.
Artist statements can be a tricky business, especially when the creators aren’t trying to portray a story or a message, but to capture a specific feeling, an abstraction.

Raising voices

Vienna Boys Choir performs at Edmond’s Armstrong Auditorium Nov. 20.
One of the oldest collectives of touring musicians returns to Oklahoma as Vienna Boys Choir performs at Armstrong Auditorium in Edmond Nov. 20.

Riding West

An exhibit at Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art explores the art and advertising that transformed the way people viewed the American West.
Get your ticket to ride across the pastoral landscapes of the American West in an exhibit that welcomes its viewers to climb aboard for a scenic voyage through time and history.

Musical compassion

University of Oklahoma stages a perfectly timed musical about a Vietnam War-era Marine and a forgiving folk singer caught up in a toxic culture.
Dogfight might be one the most interesting choices one could make for a University of Oklahoma stage production in 2018 — the year of #MeToo, Christine Blasey Ford versus Brett Kavanaugh, the year the term “toxic masculinity” went mainstream.

Sacred objects

Two shows at JRB Art at The Elms explore the spiritual.
For its November show, JRB Art at The Elms, 2810 N. Walker Ave., transcends the normalcy of daily routines, giving viewers an opportunity to turn their attention inward for a moment of tranquil reflection.

HALLOWEEN Brightness adjustment

Theatre Upon a StarDanceSwan lights the Magic Lantern for the 18th year.
Halloween gets most of the attention in October, but Lorrie Keller, director of Theatre Upon a StarDanceSwan and founder of the Magic Lantern celebration, wants people to know the season can be about more than scares.

HALLOWEEN Collaborative dissonance

Tracing its roots to the early 20th century France, Exquisite Corpse is part parlor game and part surrealist art revelry that will make its debut at [Artspace] at Untitled for a fundraiser and preview event Friday before its public four-week showing beginning Oct. 31. 

Extra texture

Tactile art takes center stage with Mainsite Contemporary Art’s Touchy-Feely.
Mainsite Contemporary Art opened its doors Oct. 12 to the new Touchy-Feely exhibit, featuring artists “who exploit the objectivity of paint in unexpected ways.” As the name suggests, the works challenge the concept of traditional painting and sculpture in a marriage of unconventional techniques not normally staged in a Mainsite gallery.

HALLOWEEN: Goth style

Oklahoma Gazette takes Halloween into high fashion territory with its cover shoot
On Oct. 8, a team of creative and enthusiastic designers, photographers, videographers, models, makeup and hair artists, wardrobe stylists and props masters descended on The Paramount OKC, 701 W. Sheridan Ave., all for the purpose of shooting an Oklahoma Gazette Halloween cover unlike any other in our history. It came at a momentous time; having recently added several new and talented people to Oklahoma Gazette’s visual and creative teams, we wanted to let them loose on a project and take it from concept to completion.

Bloody good

Carpenter Square Theatre gets into the Halloween season with horror satire Slasher.
In preparation for directing the horror-comedy play Slasher, director Terry Veal went on a rampage, ripping through episodes of a popular scary TV show on an online streaming service.

Pop stars

Classical trio Time for Three combines traditional standards with pop music at Armstrong Auditorium.
Time for Three has played Carnegie Hall, the Indy 500 and Dancing With the Stars since forming in 2001, but the trio just recently started singing.

Wondrous production

Oklahoma City Ballet mounts an ambitious production of Alice (in Wonderland).
When the Mock Turtle and the Gryphon ask Alice to recount her adventures in Wonderland, she initially refuses.

Hunting eggs

An international artist and storyteller explores viewer projection in a cross-discipline collaboration with University of Oklahoma College of Fine Arts.
A cluster of 10 black, cushioned headphones hung at one end of the The Lightwell Gallery underneath a looming, multi-story abstract tapestry.

Striking film

Mickey Reece’s new film Strike, Dear Mistress, and Cure His Heart screens at Rodeo Cinema Oct. 18.
Online movie database IMDB credits Mickey Reece as writer and director on 30 films.

Curious Jad

Radiolab host Jad Abumrad headlines Oklahoma Humanities’ first-ever Curiosity Fest.
Not knowing can make you feel sick, but maybe that isn’t a bad thing.

Radical art

An exhibit at OKCMOA explores the ways the Pre-Raphaelites brought color and sincerity to art in the 19th century.
On Saturday, Oklahoma City Museum of Art opens Victorian Radicals: From the Pre-Raphaelites to the Arts and Crafts Movement, its latest display featuring works from as early as the mid-1800s.

Funny books

Comic book artist and ambassador Jerry Bennett was awarded a one-year residency at The Skirvin Hilton Hotel to promote sequential art.
Jerry Bennett’s boisterous and bellowing laugh is a whale song within the region’s comic book community, guiding fans through perilous mobs of cosplayers and pop culture completionists packed into sprawling convention spaces.

Indigenous voices

A new theater company plans to focus on individual Native American playwrights and theater crafters.
In 2010, Oklahoma City Theatre Company launched the Native American New Play Festival to showcase the creative talents of indigenous playwrights.

Staged study

Carpenter Square Theatre’s Best in Ten fundraiser features 10-minute staged readings.
The plays presented at Best in Ten are shorter than average, but that doesn’t necessarily make them any easier to write.

Road trip

Oklahoma expatriate artists bring the diaspora back home with Truckload of Art.
In the words of singer-songwriter Terry Allen, Oklahoma City will soon have the chance to see “significant piles and influential heaps of art work” hauled in from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Theatrical tension

Jewel Box Theatre’s upcoming production of Wait Until Dark brings a suspenseful story of feminist agency to the stage.
Traditionally, there’s a moment just before a play begins when the house lights have been turned off and the auditorium fills with suspenseful anticipation.


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