OKG sat down with Vernon Deas, founder of GRPFLY, OKC’s premier apparel company, to talk about what inspires his designs. What is the historical reference of GRPFLY?

OKG Artist: Arsenios Corbishley

luthier noun lu·​thi·​er | \ `lü-tē-ər , -thē-ər \Definition of luthier: one who makes stringed musical instruments (such as violins or guitars)

OKG Artists: Greg Pogue Jr.

Oklahoma Gazette: How did you get into making art?

Artist of the Quarantine: Jake Durham

"One of my favorite quotes is from Albert Einstein, 'I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Artist of the Quarantine: Brooke Rowlands

Self-taught artist Brooke Rowlands is making waves in the art world.

Artist of the Quarantine: April Dawes

"Painting has always been a place of refuge for me. It’s how I center myself, quiet my mind and escape from the rest of the world," April Dawes said. "I have never been more grateful for this escape than during the quarantine.

PRESS RELEASE Oklahoma History Center’s newest photo exhibit to present the “ordinary”

Beginning June 15, the Oklahoma History Center will offer a new photographic exhibit entitled In the Vernacular: Everyday Images of Oklahoma Life, which will celebrate everyday image-making.

Artist of the Quarantine: Avery Wilson

"Right now, I feel like my work is everywhere because I'm all over the place.

Artist of the Quarantine: Mia Le

"I first began linocut last year, and since then, it has become my favorite medium to work in," Mia Le said. "It can be hard when you just started learning, but it is very therapeutic when carving.

Artist of the Quarantine: Blu Lirette

"The imagination is so powerful, it encourages me to experiment with new mediums and inspires me constantly," Blu Lirette said. "It’s easy to say that I’m the happiest whenever I’m creating, which is why I make something new every day.

Artist of the Quarantine: Frank Ready III

For 15 years, Frank has been tattooing the great people of Oklahoma and is the co-owner of The Immortal Tattoo in Midwest City.

Artist of the Quarantine: Trisha Thompson Adams

"My paintings and inspiration come from isolating parts of the human body and entwining them with flora," Trisha Thompson Adams said.

PRESS RELEASE Oklahoma History Center partners with Oklahoma Contemporary for Bright Golden Haze: Reflections

The Oklahoma History Center (OHC) is proud to announce an invitation from Oklahoma Contemporary to participate in a multi-organization collaboration exhibition entitled “Bright Golden Haze: Reflections.” This exhibition is created in conjunction with “Bright Golden Haze,” the inaugural exhibition at Oklahoma Contemporary.

Artist of the Quarantine: Sydni Nasada

"Ever since I started drawing digitally, I’ve been able to really experiment when it comes to different tools and styles along with seeing what others are able to accomplish in the digital illustration world," Sydni Nasada said.

Artist of the Quarantine: McKenna Sanderson

McKenna Sanderson is an assistant professor and the division head of the MFA Design + MFA Illustration programs in The School of Design at the University of Central Oklahoma (@ucodesign). From performing typography on an LED hula hoop to creating an interactive rave flyer game, 3D modeling and molding toys, paper-cutting and letterpressing, her current work explores the idea of what it means to have a flow-based design practice; she began this research and work with her MFA thesis by combining hooping, a flow art and graphic design.

Artist of the Quarantine: Jerry Bennett

"I'm a full-time freelance artist focusing on comics, with the goal of being a graphic novelist. Currently drawing Glamorella's Daughter with Charles J. Martin (@literatipress) while writing a few graphic novels," Jerry Bennett said.

Artist of the Quarantine: Aaron "AWHIZ" Whisner

Aaron Whisner is a multidisciplinary artist best known for his large-scale murals and installations. A native of Oklahoma, Aaron is co-founder of Clean Hands Inc., a Tulsa-based design crew and streetwear supplier.

PRESS RELEASE Norman Arts' annual fundraiser reimagined as virtual arts party, extended art exhibition

Alice in ONEderland was rescheduled from its original late March date and will now become an immersive live broadcast experience, with an exhibition of the featured auction artworks on display at MAINSITE Contemporary Art starting Wednesday, June 10.
It kind of feels like all of us have gone down the rabbit hole, huh?

Artist of the Quarantine: Daniel Sutliff

"My work focuses primarily on painting, drawing, installations and mural projects," Daniel Sutliff said. "With each medium, I’m reformalizing and elaborating on the dominant visual languages of my youth: surreal cartoon imagery, video games and minimalist computer graphics.

Artist of the Quarantine: Brittany Jacobs

"It wasn’t until I started working with metals that I truly found my identity as an artist," Brittany Jacobs said. "The dichotomy of being visually 'beautiful' but requiring strength and power to create has always resonated with me, and I take pride in knowing the things I make will likely outlive next.

Artist of the Quarantine: Crap Panther

"I am Crap Panther. An illustrator, painter, co-owner of The Immortal Tattoo and mother of two.

Artist of the Quarantine: Cash Wheeler

"Drawing is a very therapeutic outlet for me," Cash Wheeler said. "It helps me clear my head and make something fun at the same time.

PRESS RELEASE Neighborhood Arts Online

Neighborhood Arts, a collaboration between Arts Council Oklahoma City’s All Access Arts program and the Metropolitan Library System, will be available online this summer.

Artist of the Quarantine: Sarah "Sully" Sullivan

Sarah Sullivan is an Oklahoma-based fiber artist, muralist and everything in between. Through various mediums like handwoven textiles and painting, Sullivan’s work is an escape to a world of color and texture inspired by childhood games, geometry class and outer space.

Artist of the Quarantine: Marcus Eakers

"My art is an exaggerated, symbolic interpretation of real-life experiences, shown from the viewpoint of a focal character in each work. This offers glimpse into that character’s thoughts, strengths and vulnerabilities," Marcus Eakers said.


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Oklahoma Hall of Fame Service Members @ Gaylord-Pickens Oklahoma Heritage Museum

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