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Want to know how to save money on devising your next marketing strategy? Forget that consultant " just plaster the thing with patriotic clichés and have a ready-made market base in the armed forces.

Oklahoma native Don Sessions, the owner of Ol' Glory energy drinks, decided to expand his operations to Ol' Glory beer. Ramping up the display of patriotism " and continuing a long tradition employed by politicians, televangelists and country-music singers everywhere " the beer cans display the Pledge of Allegiance, stressing the words "Under God." Because that wasn't nearly patriotic enough, the iconic image of soldiers raising the flag at Iwo Jima was added to the label.

The Oklahoman reported that Sessions wanted the words "Under God" highlighted in the pledge because "I'm a Christian. I want to put God in every bar in the country. God is already in the churches. Why not the bars?" And the 7-Elevens, the tailgating parties and the Tea Party rallies"¦

Sessions, who is from the Oklahoma town of Ripley (believe it or not), is persistent in his goal of driving God to the drink. Citing a federal statute prohibiting such practices, the federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau told Sessions they wouldn't sanction the label. Like a true patriot, Sessions didn't retreat, and federal regulators eventually approved a modified label.

Sessions said he was ready to sue the government on First Amendment grounds. Sessions' attorney in the matter, Robert Lehrman, told the Oklahoman the law is clear about Sessions' First Amendment rights, while offering a ringing endorsement of the patriot-gasm:

"It's not OK to suppress speech," Lehrman told The Oke. "Don should have a chance to go out there and make a fool of himself in the marketplace."

Cue the Lee Greenwood song.

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