Beans on ice 

The best way to continue to enjoy your coffee addiction throughout the worst part of summer is to buy iced coffees.

But all iced coffees are not created equal. That’s chiefly because the one thing sure to ruin that delicious goodness is pouring hot coffee over ice. Congratulations! You now have a cup of watered-down coffee.

Cold-brewed coffee is the method of choice for well-trained baristas. Several advantages exist to cold-brewed coffee, including greater concentration, less acidity and more flavor stability.

Daniel Kao, owner of Mariposa Coffee Roastery, 1120 Garver in Norman, said cold-brewed coffees yield more of the base flavors like chocolate, nuttiness and plum, and less of the brighter flavors like citrus and blueberry.

“We also choose to use a blend of African, Central American, Indonesian and South American beans for our cold brew,” Kao said. “Cold brew is not the best way to feature the individual characteristics of a bean or region, so we used a blend to round out the flavors.”

This is Mariposa’s first year to make a cold brew, and Kao said it took the roasters about a year to get the blend they wanted. Although its coffees are available at Native Roots, Forward Foods and Shop Good, the cold brew is currently only available in Norman. It’s sold in half-gallon and gallon sizes, and delivery in Norman is free.

The Wedge Pizzeria, 4709 N. Western, uses Eôté Coffee Company’s cold brew.

The Chandler-based company uses small-batch coffees purchased directly from farmers worldwide.

At The Wedge, get a straight cup of iced coffee, although general manager Elena Farrar suggests a substitute for the ice.

“I like to put a scoop or two of gelato in the coffee instead of ice,” she said.

Similar to an affogato, which uses hot espresso poured over gelato, Farrar’s dessert-quality beverage works best with double dark chocolate gelato. For a rich, creamy choice, go with butter pecan.

Ian Halliday, co-owner of Coffee Slingers Roasters, 1015 N. Broadway, also serves a cold-brewed coffee available by the cup or in 24-ounce bottles.

“People really appreciate the lower acidity of cold brew,” he said, “but they also appreciate the deeper, richer flavors. It’s a very rich, malty coffee.”

Elemental Coffee Roasters, 815 N. Hudson, boasts a new cold brew, as well. It pairs well with the delicious crêpes the shop serves on weekends.

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