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are looking at March and bringing the same pizza recipes that we have
in Yukon (342 S. Mustang Road), plus the glassblowing part. We will have
a glass studio there so people can watch from the restaurant and they
can purchase glass items, too,” McGahan said.

The pizzeria owner said he is going to take the menu up a couple of notches by adding steaks and two nice fish dishes.

restaurant and glassblowing shop will be located at 13 and 15 S.
Broadway in the former site of The Small Group, which is located on the
same side of the street as The Edmond Sun and Edmond Life & Leisure.

McGahan’s children are also in the business with their parents. They
are Kim Wright, Micah McGahan, who will be the glassblower’s assistant,
and Krista McGahan.

Kim’s husband, J.J. Wright, will take over the position of executive chef at the Edmond site.


Pizza used to be a simple affair, but not anymore. Beyond simple cheese and pepperoni, today’s pizza is made with different sauces, thick or thin crusts and unique toppings like artichoke hearts and fresh figs.

There are a couple of local food enthusiasts who are becoming pizza experts, as least on paper.

Brian “Buck” Berlin, the co-owner with Ryan Walters of New World Comics, 6219 N. Meridian, runs a pizza blog. The writers are discovering places that serve pizza that many people might not have heard about.

Currently, there are reviews on the blog for Sauced on Paseo, Italia Express, Dan’s Pizza, Othello’s of Edmond, The Wedge, Café 7 and Italian Jim’s Pizza.

When asked if anyone gained any weight during all this pizza sampling, Walters admitted that at first they did, but now they have to watch it. They now take people with them to test the pizzas and help them eat before they write about the pizzas.

“At first, we put on a few pounds, and we would eat the leftovers the rest of the week” Walters said.

At present, Walters attends Platt College during the evening with a goal of opening up a high-end, but small, catering company in the future.

Just go to www.newworldpizza. for more hot tips on local pizza places.


The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma is expanding its Kids Cafe program by providing salad bars to existing sites. The organization is also adding four new sites to the program.

Kids Cafe takes care of approximately 850 at-risk children at 18 sites in Central and Western Oklahoma with its after-school and summer meal program. The Kids Cafe features healthy food, mentoring, tutoring and a variety of activities. The purpose of the program is to help students make healthy decisions about what they eat.

“We’re trying to encourage kids to eat more fresh produce,” said Debbie Bell, Kids Cafe coordinator. “It can be difficult to get access to fresh produce because some kids may live in an area where fresh fruits and vegetables aren’t readily available.”

Four new sites were added to the Kids Cafe program in 2010: Epworth United Methodist Church, 1901 N. Douglas; Quayle United Methodist Church, 5001 N. Everest; Western Heights Baptist Church, 200 N. Gilbert in Cleveland; Frederick First Methodist Church, 301 E. Grand in Frederick.

For more information about Kids Cafe, or to make a tax-deductible donation, visit www.regionalfoodbank. org or call 972-1111.


Cupcakes to Go Go, 2524 W. Edmond Road in Edmond, is opening up a second location, but this new one will really be on the go. According to the owner, the second Cupcakes to Go Go will be Oklahoma’s first traveling cupcake shop.

Anxious cupcake lovers might discover its brightly colored van on a curb in downtown Oklahoma City, by the lake or in neighborhoods. All those cupcakes, in many flavors, are made from scratch.

“Since the theme for the store is based on travel and cupcakes, it makes sense to have a traveling shop,” said Melany Boughman, owner of Cupcakes to Go Go.

“This gives us the freedom to travel and deliver cupcake vacations all over the state,” she said. “What could be better?” Call Cupcakes to Go Go at 330-2190 to reserve the traveling cupcake shop for a party, or check out Twitter and Facebook to find its current shop location.


downtown Oklahoma City, there is a nice restaurant called The Library
of Fine Foods & Spirits, 119 N. Robinson. Clifton and Kathy Grider
own the restaurant, and Clifton is originally from Ada, a town he said
is famous for its high school football.

Obsessed with any website? “No, but ours is

No kids, but pets? “Two dogs: Tela and Pootie.”

Your best feature: “My wife says it’s my sky-blue eyes.”

Underwear preference: “Boxers.” Biggest vice: “Thunder basketball.

At The Library, we give free tickets away to customers and employees who have never seen them play.”

person you kind of look like: “Tom Colicchio from Bravo ‘Top Chef.’”
Your signature dish: “Would be a tasty hamburger with secret seasonings
in the ground beef, but I can’t let you know what the seasonings are.”

Most difficult thing you’ve done: “Up and quit the real working world and gone into business for myself.”

Something to do that doesn’t cost a dime: “Spend time with Kathy.”

You’d kill for a: “Ferdi’s Special from Mother’s in New Orleans.”

people know: “That I once lived on the island of Molokai in Hawaii,
running resorts and construction companies, and No. 2, that The Library
is now open on Monday nights, too.”

OK, you die, but you’d come back as: “My wife, Kathy. She’s the nicest person I know.”

Date night: “We go over to Tokyo (Japanese Restaurant) for sushi.”

What trait do you look for when hiring? “Social skills.”

funny on the job: “A steady customer of ours at The Library just
brought back 30 spoons that he took from the restaurant over a period of
two months.”

Why? “Cause he’s crazy.”


Let’s do lunch. On Oklahoma Gazette’s Facebook
page last week, we asked you which lunch spots you favor for
international food. Here are unedited comments of where readers love to
go during the noon hour.

“Does Ted’s count as international? Haha” —Rich Lubbers

“Couscous Cafe. Every time.” —Ben Corbett

“Greek House in Norman.” —Justin Brooke

“Cafe de brazil” —Lydia Butler

“Pho Lien Hoa on NW 23rd or Cafe Antigua on N Classen!” —Megan Meehan

“Sala Thai for the clay pot rice, or the massaman curry.” —Michael Speck

“The Olive Branch at Sheridan and Hudson by the Lunch Box. It is well worth the construction traffic headache.” —Butch Enterline

“Khazana!!! Mmmmmmm- Indian food.” —Mandy Dodson Davis

“Tacos los Compadres, Norman, corner of Porter and Alameda (incredible, authentic Mexican food!)” —Astrud Reed

“Ooohh Sheba’s for Ethiopian or the Mediterranean market on like May and 52nd or something.” —Brittney Shantel Guest

you include Chinese takeout or delivery, I’ve really come to like Yummy
Yummy (yes, that’s really the name - on N. Meridian near 63rd). Their
Singapore Chow Mei Fun is especially good on a chilly day.” —Roger

“Pho Cuong
for Vietnamese soup?Banana Island for spicy Malaysian food?Fung’s
(Chinese) Kitchen for Salt and Pepper shrimp?Gopuram for Indian, Kush
for Pakistani?Travel by Taste for Persian, Zam Zam for Arabic” —Michael

“Himalayans in Norman for the best Indian food ever!” —Jaime Lynn Ladd

“Misal Bistro is my favorite Indian lunch!” —Kimberly Noe

“Bangkok in nw side for thai” —Gina Young

“Ajanta - hands down best Indian food in OKC” —Liz Blood

“Ables... Taco Calvillo for the win!” —Crys Davis

“cocina guatelinda on 16th for an authentic taste of Guatemala” —Sarah Dempsey

“Gaberino’s (Italian) across from Borders in Norman!” —Frances Beasley Todd

“Tana Thai has the best Thai food in OKC. The lunch counter in Super Cao Nguyen is really good and only $5.” —Nathan Aguilera

—Carol Smaglinski

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