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Authors and sisters Julie Albert, who only got in the kitchen when she had a family to feed, and Lisa Gnat, a skilled chef, pulled together 175 recipes. This will be on the top of my shelf just for laughs, but the recipes look good, too.

Tongue-in-cheek-titled chapters include “Spoon me,” devoted to steamy soups; “Undress me,” eye popping salads; and “Fork me,” featuring desserts for a happy ending. It even includes a list of songs to cook to, such as “Light My Fire,” “Let’s Get It On” and “Mama Told Me Not to Come.”

Leah Haskins owns Epicurean’s Pantry, 1333 N. Santa Fe in Edmond. She opened the gourmet food shop after a career as the information technical director with the United States Federal Courts. Haskins, originally from Tyler, Texas, loves gardening and music and has a daughter, Megan Arms.

Why did you leave the court system? “I was bored, and I wanted a challenge.”

What’s in your store? “Authentic cheeses, along with olives, oils and chocolate, and I also do cooking classes.”

A famous person you look like: “I wish it were Lucille Ball, but I don’t.”

Learned to cook: “When I was living in Germany teaching and doing computer testing for the University of Maryland.”

Most difficult thing you do: “Keeping up with my keys. I lose them and spent $220 in locksmith fees last year.”

Food you would never eat: “I eat everything except eel.”

You would kill for: “A grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”

Quick tip for an amateur cook: “A kitchen timer should not be used as a snooze alarm. Take the food out of the oven when it is done.”

What makes you a good friend? “I am honest and very accepting.”

Something nobody knows about you: “I love my snow skiing.”

Imperative kitchen equipment: “My corkscrew.”

Favorite cocktail: “Rusty Nail.”

Would love to: “Visit a French cheese cave.”

Favorite junk food: “Oreos dipped in milk.”

Something funny: “I keep getting the jokes about ‘cutting the cheese’ all of the time.”


What would you name your own restaurant, and what would be your signature dish? That’s the question we asked on Oklahoma Gazette’s Facebook page. Here are your answers, verbatim.

“I’d name it Cafe
Flore, after one of my favorite hangouts during my student years in San
Francisco. The signature dish would be a pot-au-feu, from the French
country inn tradition, simmering continuously on a low heat and with new
ingredients added every so often to compensate for the portions served.
Otherwise limited menu, selection of coffees, teas, and handmade
desserts, with live classical and folk music.” —Roger Barton

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches. Not sure on name tho. But have big
selection of breads, and types of pb&j, and toppings, even fry em
for those Elvis fans.” —Neill Harmer

Won On. We would have a really nice and wicked hot chicken with too
many vegies dish. And our bar would have a habit of selling anything we
could make up.” —Robert Jackson

- soulfood inspired with a veg-friendly bistro flair. I would offer you
soft cheese polenta topped with roasted brussels sprouts, a fried egg,
and a roasted pepper puree. Add a pan-fried pork chop and call it
dinner.” —Lacey Elaine Dillard

Rib Garden. When ladies order the Noah’s Ark (Two of every meat on the
menu) the first Rib will be free. Genesis (The band) Will be played over
the house audio system. I have lots more to add to this if you want to
know. :-)” —Red McCall

“Woody Guthrie’s This Bar and Grill Kills Fascists, serving such items as the This Ham is your Ham Sandwich...” —Colin Newman

“Paddy O’Furniture’s Al Fresco Dining - all Irish food. Closed for most Oklahoma weather.” —Jimo Ward

“Eskimo Pho’s. And the signature dish would be Pho King Awesome.” —Mary Ann Johnson Osko

Southern cuisine featuring chicken fried steak, fried potatoes, fried
okra, fried pies and fried ice cream.” —Larry Standridge

—Carol Smaglinski

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