Bold and beautiful 

They are good enough, they are smart enough, and gosh-darn it "¦ people like them!
It's the new breed, the new face of my beloved Republican Party, and they are ready to lead us into battle against the evil hordes of those "doggone Democrats" who are bound and determined to turn us into a socialist country. Or so I have been told.

A certain former governor and GOP "hottie" came to Oklahoma recently, and her adoring fans lined the streets to gaze upon the beauty that is Sarah Palin. I think the GOP leadership has taken notes. It's time for the bold and the beautiful to run for office in Oklahoma. And the Republican side has a bevy of beauties from which to choose.

State Sen. Todd Lamb, R-Edmond, is a strikingly handsome fellow with personality and drive. He has announced he would like to replace Lt. Gov. Jari Askins as our next president of the Senate. Lamb worked for the legendary governor-turned-insurance lobbyist Frank Keating, as well as being a member of the elite United States Secret Service. Kind of like Glenn Beck meets James Bond.

Then there is state Rep. Ken Miller, also from Edmond (must be something in the water there "¦ testing Arcadia Lake as you read this). Miller has formed a committee to replace Scott Meacham as our next state treasurer.

Miller is a striking young man with the chiseled features one would expect from an MBA whose lambskins include a doctorate in political economics. If Ann Coulter and Mitt Romney had a child, Miller would be their offspring.

Both Lamb and Miller are exceptionally eloquent speakers who can make even the most horrific political nightmare appear as comforting as an infant's lullaby. Their political and business connections are the envy of virtually any candidate for public office, and both have surrounded themselves with the best and the brightest the Republican Party consulting stables can produce. They don't lose very often.

It appears the candidacy of these two men alone will drive the GOP faithful as wild as preteen girls at a Jonas Brothers' concert.

Down-ticket candidates will saddle up their proverbial horses and beg to ride alongside these two men in their political posse. The GOP will attempt not only another clean sweep in the House and the Senate, but dominate statewide races as well. Miller and Lamb know what they want and how to get it, their talking points finely tuned, and they will be the new hope and face for the GOP for many years to come.

For the Democratic Party to stave off the certain GOP tidal wave in 2010, their recruiting efforts will have to include locales such as charm schools, NFL training camps and NBA halftime shows.

Either that, or someone needs to have a long talk with Kim Henry about following in her husband's footsteps. (Perhaps as superintendent of public instruction?)

But I digress. As usual. The new leadership of the Oklahoma Republican Party is aggressive, good looking, eloquent and well-liked by the mainstream. And as long as Rep. Mike Reynolds can be kept busy this election cycle, it will be smooth sailing for the dynamic duo of statewide GOP politics.

Black is a consultant living in Edmond and founder of Wild Oklahoma TV & Radio.

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