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Last month, Science Museum Oklahoma challenged 13 of the state’s most innovative and stylish companies to face off in a competition of creativity. The results became a new exhibition titled Out of the Box.

Each business received a box of assorted items, all of which they were required to use in the construction of a three-dimensional piece. While the contents remained the same among all participating companies, they were allowed to use additional materials in their projects, as long as the work fit inside an area that was 6 feet wide, 6 feet deep and 8 feet tall.

Their mission? To build something that celebrated the modern scientific world while broadcasting their individual creativity.

“Science Museum Oklahoma is very excited to be able to create this opportunity,” said Jacquelyn Musgrove, the museum’s communications director. “It’s been really exciting to watch this creative process grow and expand.”

The Box opened Feb. 11, when two categories of winners were announced. Judges’ awards went to Kimray in first place, Buchanan Bicycles in second, and SAIC in third.

Crowd-voted awards went to SAIC in first, Kimray in second, and Hom by WarHall in third.

had a blast,” said Thomas Hill, Kimray president. “We had a great group
and I’m very proud of what they did. I think we created something that
represents our industry — and Kimray’s role in it — very well.”

noted his crew looked “for something that would be dynamic and capture
attention,” and found it by constructing an oil derrick, complete with a
working fluid pump.

“This exhibition is a good testament to the creativity that is growing in Oklahoma,” Musgrove said. “It’s phenomenal.”

Other companies represented in Out of the Box are:
• Oklahoma City Thunder,
• Palmer Studios Inc.,
• Anchor Paint of OKC,

• Elemental Coffee Roasters,
• Studio Architecture,
• Rocktown Climbing Gym,

• @Link Services,
• Red Earth Systems, and
• Hanger Prosthetics &

It runs through Sept. 9.

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